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What if a pair of crewmembers on your ship had their own special superpowers? That’s what you’ll get in the awesome Town of Impostors Among Us mod.

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Unlike the Move in Meeting hack, this hack will give you an unlimited emergency meetings limit. You can move in meetings unlimited times but the only condition is that you will need to press the button whereas, in move-in meeting hack, it automatically initiates the meeting without wasting the emergency meeting count.

Happily Ever After (20 points): Completed Episode 5: "Cry Wolf"

If you have made it this far, welp you are probably going to be more ready than most of the people

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Up to 10 players can join a game, and they’re assigned to one of the roles at random, without anyone else knowing.

“As a woman, who has been unprotected, for someone to say, ‘Keep my wife’s name out your mouth, leave my wife alone,’ that’s what your husband is supposed to do, right? Protect you.”

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Step 7. Now, click on the mod menu icon and it is generally hanging left side of the screen.

Among Us is available for Mobile and PC.

When you're going to use a hack, make sure you don't use it on a profile you're using with the game that you put a lot of time into. Sure, you can use your main account to work with hacks on, but if the game detects that you're cheating then it may cause the company to shut down that profile and then you won't be able to play with it even if you have done a lot with that file in the past. It's best to just start fresh when using hacks so if anything does happen, you're not losing a profile you spent hours on.

“I want to apologize to the Academy, I want to apologize to all my fellow nominees,” he later added, though he notably did not directly apologize to Rock.

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To play this game, you need to download and install Among Us MOD APK on the phone. After that, you need to launch the game and choose a name for your character.

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On the other hand, the other imposters you don’t know won’t be revealed to you. What that means is you can actually cast your shield on an imposter if you’re not careful. Try and follow along and suss out who the imposters really are before casting shields to avoid wasting them.

The small cameras scattered around the map allow you to take a quick look around relatively unobtrusively. As a crewmate, this is an opportunity to catch suspicious behaviour. For impostors, it is also a way to find their next victim. Beware, when a camera is activated, a red light is visible. Also note that even when the lights are off, the cameras can see perfectly well!

- iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.

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Green is an imposter for promotional posters and uses them as a crewmate. The Green character is the least suspicious in the game, and most of the players don’t try to use him for their gameplay.

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Try to make a case against your teammates to blame them, not you. To do this, blame them for closing doors or wandering around rooms without doing anything. However, sometimes this can work against you if there are witnesses who refute your claims. In any case, if you play in cold blood, you can still avoid punishment for falsely accusing someone by claiming that it was a mistake.

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Obviously, as we have said this trick is false and does not work. You can check it for yourself. Other variants of this trick or other supposed tricks are false too.

Doing all this will help focus the group on observing each other's movements and

Please read my note, it clearly states what mode the mod works in!

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Although you can use the censor filter to block out bad language, it does not block everything and there are words that are not picked up by the filter. So, despite this feature, there is the potential that children can be exposed to inappropriate content.

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Viele Mogler (denn seien wir mal ehrlich, Hacker ist ein zu cooles Wort dafür) kombinieren diesen Cheat noch mit einer Aushebelung des Kill-Cooldowns, die bewegt, dass der Impostor einfach mehrmals hintereinander töten kann. Weitere beliebte Hacks verhindern, dass man einen Impostor aus dem Spiel wählt, eine erhöhte Laufgeschwindigkeit und so altbekannte Dinge wie eine Art No-Clip-Funktion, mit der man durch Wände läuft. Klingt nach Spaß? Was Stimmt mit euch nicht?

Admin Table and Security Camera is a resource that can be used by both Crewmate and Imposter to help further their plans. Crewmates can use it to confirm stories, alibis, and even catch a killer in the act. Imposters can use these resources to find people that are alone and easy to kill.

Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk.

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While you’re wandering around learning the tasks, take this opportunity to learn the layout of the map – you’ll need to be able to get to certain areas as quickly as possible if they get sabotaged by the Impostor.

This setting adjusts the multiplier which applies to the running speed of all players in the lobby. Though this can admittedly come down to personal preference, there are some gameplay implications you should be aware of. The default setting of 1.0x feels a little too sluggish for most players, and is slightly less enjoyable. On the other hand, having a setting too high can make it difficult to keep track of the game. For one, it gives a larger advantage to the impostors by allowing them to quickly make their escape after a kill. Moreover, it can greatly reduce the amount of strategic effort players put into their decisions such as planning out their tasks order and staying aware of their surroundings.

There are three maps where you can play the game, which include The Skeld (a spaceship), Mira HQ (a headquarters building), and Polus (a planet base). You can choose any map which pleases you. Besides, there are many skins, pets, and hats that you can choose for your character. You also get an option of 12 colors to choose from for customizing your character.

Thus, the company developer took to Twitter to address that they were working on bringing an update to the game. As of now, the developers have updated the app and it has some anti-hack systems. Thereby, if the game finds you a potential hacker, it will remove you from the game.


If you’re both playing on Steam, they can send you the code via a Steam message and you can just copy-paste it by selecting/highlighting the whole code with your left mouse button and hitting Ctrl+C on your keyboard (or you can click your right mouse button on the highlighted code and select ‘copy’ from the menu that pops up).

Not able to download from the above link? no worries download from mirror link.

Master Librarian (30 points): Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 4.

You can increase your character vision using this torch distance hack. You can extend the distance from 0 to 15. If you switch the torch distance to 15, you will be able to see a lot more than a normal view. In the case of a crewmate even if the imposter sabotage the lights still you will be able to see everything.

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Since these tasks are common, it’s not unexpected to find many players doing them at the same time. For this reason, no one will suspect you if you’re standing in the room or in front of the panel. Use this to your advantage to get some easy kills.

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Hacks und Cheats in Among Us trifft man mittlerweile relativ häufig an. Das kann sich auf verschiedene Weisen zeigen: Besonders beliebt unter den Spielverderbern sind Hacks, die bewirken, dass man immer als Impostor auflaufen kann. Das wäre ja beinahe noch zu verschmerzen und auch noch nachzuvollziehen, denn das Spielen als "Imp" ist nun mal besonders spannend.

Among Us is a popular multiplayer video game similar to the “Mafia” party game. Available as a mobile app (free) or desktop ($4.99), the game hosts 4-10 players on a virtual spacecraft where there are 1-3 “impostors” and everyone else is a “crewmate.” The crewmates compete to maintain the spacecraft in working order while the impostors try to sabotage and kill the crewmates.

meter will go up when you are done. Any single-step task will do (so not rewiring,

Here are some things you must include in your mod:

Ques1: Is Among Us MOD APK Download Is Safe?

Among Us contains many hidden secrets. They will remain undetected unless you buy paid cheats. On this page, you can purchase top-notch private cheats at the best price. No one will get to know that you used them, we promise!

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As we know, Among Us is one of the most trending games right now. With its unique gameplay and multiplayer mode, it gets viral in no time.

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