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As a bonus tip, we recommend avoiding Showdown mode for at least the first few days. You’ll probably end up in 9th or 10th place and lose a lot of trophies. Get a feel for the game, mechanics, and shooting before you dive in head first. Plus, earn a few better brawlers before jumping into a Showdown and getting smoked.

Scrolling down the page, you will find all the levels that you can reach until the end of the season. At the top are the Fight Pass prizes for a fee, while at the bottom are those that you can receive even with a totally free account.


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Power Cubes are pickups you can grab mid-battle that increase your health and damage. The more a player has collected, the more they’ll drop when they’re defeated — essentially, you’ll get 50% of the Power Cubes a player is carrying when they’re defeated. So, if you’re fighting someone with 8 Power Cubes, they’ll drop 4. Keep that in mind!

We’ve all been there – walking out from spawn and taken down by a long range brawler, over and over again. In this guide we’re going to try to explore different ideas for how to prevent this depending on your matchup, your brawler, and your positioning.

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Pros: High damage output, exceeding carry potential

Raising your player level comes with a bunch of benefits, including reward boxes (mega boxes), icons, and special deals in the shop.

All of the brawlers have unique skills and playstyles. Trying out each may reveal someone you unexpectedly like even more, but it will also help you learn that character and how to counter him when he's on the opposing team.

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Cons: Unforgiving, low damage, hard to use

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Brawl Stars is a third-person, top-down shooter game in which you play as your chosen Brawler and compete in a variety of Events. In these Events, you face off against other Brawlers as you attempt to complete a special objective unique to each type of Event.

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You will need an emulator to play Brawl Stars on your PC. Memu Play and BlueStacks are two reliable emulators for playing Brawl Stars. To play on the big screen, get an emulator, search for Brawl Stars, and then click the download button.

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How to Become a Pro in Brawl Stars. How to Play Brawl Stars on a Computer?

To find out when you will receive the Battle Chests as a reward from the Trophy Trail and where you are standing, simply press the button closet present in the upper left corner of the main screen of the title of Supercell.

Como se mencionó anteriormente, tiene la habilidad de atraerte hacia ella y causar daños graves a corta distancia. Es una buena idea mantener la distancia, así que si tienes una clase centrada en el combate cuerpo a cuerpo, intenta ir a por atropellos y fugas rápidas. Puedes mantenerte alejado de sus ataques corriendo por los bordes de la arena.

However, this method is not intended to be employed on a regular basis. Your squad must control the center in order to acquire the gems, thus hiding will not suffice. However, when additional game types and maps are employed successfully, your opponents will have no idea what's coming for them!

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Level up fast : Leveling up is easier than you think. At least, if you know what you have to do. Don’t leave a reward without getting in Brawl Stars.

You often play Stars of the fight Supercell title for mobile devices that has been hugely successful around the world and, between games, you realized that you can get in-game items by spending gems. However, you still haven't figured out how to get them for free. No problem - this tutorial is here to dispel all your doubts about it!

Brawl Stars is an arena-brawler video game, which is currently one of the most famous and active mobile IPs out there. From 3v3 action, to Battle Royale modes, there is no shortage to its content and the options it presents you. There are dozens of Brawlers to choose from, so we are starting a ‘guide’ series, in which we’ll be looking at each one of them individually. Their stats, skills, tips and more will be included.

The buff for Poco just made him amazing, the extra range and projectile speed boost allows him to reach enemies easily and the heal projectile boost made him an amazing support!

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4. Remember that players of video games often join chats and groups outside of the Brawl Stars itself on social platforms such as Discord.

Remember that if you like video games you can learn more tricks from Brawl Stars en MobailGamer o

Use that hack to get gems Unlimited is the best option if you want the number of gems in your Brawl Stars account to grow, the really good thing is that you can use all the gems in the shop.

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Brawl Stars is a real-time fighting game from the creators of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, in which two teams of three must fight in an environment with obstacles and different interactive elements. Your goal is to defeat opponents. This guide will help you Get Any Brawler F2P.

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The event / game mode type you're playing determines the match's victory conditions.

If you have any problems, please contact us and we will solve it as soon as possible.

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Different Brawlers have different Super abilities. Supers are mostly used for the following purposes:

Strong against: Everyone if he gets close for a sure hit and not get ambushed first.

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But a dime saved is a dime earned, right? That’s why I now want to focus on what brings the biggest bang for your buck – or let’s say, how can those Gems give you the biggest boost in Brawl Stars 🙂

2. During the target shooting minigame in the first secret area (which we've shown how to access below) you need to shoot all of the targets before they reach the bottom of the screen and disappear. Doing so will reveal a chest containing this next Waddle Dee.

Aside from Solo Showdown, Brawl Stars is a team game, and going in alone almost often ends in tragedy. The goal is to attack in large groups and take off any who come out of cover. Team up with pals if possible, or utilize the game's Club system to join forces with other players online. Set up voice chat on Discord or a comparable software to converse and discuss strategy while fighting.

At the start of the game, players will be presented with character creation. Where players have to choose the option they want but choosing a certain Race will give you different passive skills and access to certain options, such as talking with other characters.

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Those are the different game modes that you can select to play. Depending on the objectives, you have to come up with some strategies or plans to win and level up.

El Primo Bull Shelly is the best brawler for the showdown.

Not only that, but if you are too intent on killing someone, you will lose out on opportunities to gain more Showdown Powerup Powerups and become stronger.

I feel like tick should fit in the DPS/control, but he makes sense in support as well

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Right now, the meta has really shifted a lot since the previous updates, some brawlers has improved a lot, some just don’t stack up right now. I’m gonna rank my top 10 best brawler right now

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Well, she even does a little damage from a distance. But it is still moderate damage. Up close you already know.

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