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Microsoft said on Wednesday that many free-to-play titles for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One consoles will no longer require an Xbox Live Gold membership.

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Microsoft's decision to remove the Xbox Live Gold requirement comes after the corporation was forced to reverse a price increase on Xbox Live Gold memberships earlier this year. Microsoft sought to increase the cost of a yearly Xbox Live Gold subscription, which was met with outrage from Xbox users. Microsoft soon reversed course and promised to remove the barrier from free-to-play multiplayer games.

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These new modifications to Xbox Live Gold reflect the service's most significant transformation since its inception on the original Xbox, prompting some to question whether they will still require the membership in 2021. With past member-only advantages now publicly available on the consoles, it's fair to argue there's less motivation to acquire the membership with these adjustments. However, Xbox Live Gold continues to play an important role in supporting online multiplayer for all other titles on the platform.

Xbox Live's unique player-powered reputation system gives you more choice over who you play with. By preventing cheats, you may have a more meaningful multiplayer experience and get the most out of your game.

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Set up new game notifications, browse the Xbox Game Pass catalogue, and download games to your console or PC whenever and wherever you choose.

In Japan, Russia, and Poland, Battleblock Theater has taken its place.

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Microsoft has also abandoned the Xbox Live logo in favour of the Xbox network branding in the future. The Xbox Live Gold brand, on the other hand, will remain unchanged – a move aimed to further differentiate the core service from the premium membership.

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This significant policy adjustment affects a sizable portion of Xbox owners, as free-to-play titles are among the most popular games today. Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends are just a few examples of free-to-play experiences that have raked in millions of dollars. Microsoft has finally carried out these Xbox Live Gold adjustments, and multiplayer is now available in these titles without requiring a membership.

If you have any extra gift cards, certificates, vouchers, or other similar items, you may trade them in for free Xbox game codes. Many people on the internet have extra Xbox Live Gift cards that they are eager to trade or exchange.

Hard Corps: Uprising was also included as a bonus game in Japan.

- Xbox giftcards may be redeemed in the Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. That means you can purchase tens of thousands of games, applications, and even Xbox systems and controllers. - Giftcards for XboxGamePass and XboxLive are also on sale, making for excellent bargains.

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